"No one is born a great cook, one learns by doing."  Julia Child

      Hi! I'm Rachael, I'm the owner, baker and worker bee of Honeycomb. I started Honeycomb when i found my love for expressing my creativity through sugar! I am a self taught baker that clinks pans, throws flour and loves designing something to hallmark a memory in your life! 

I am a wife and mama of 3 beautiful babes! I have a day job where i put work my degree in marketing and management for a mid size family run business! When iā€™m not working, parenting or baking i enjoy all things outdoors! My dream would be to one day have a mobile bakery that i spend my days pedaling sweets along the sea shore!!

I have a classic, feminine approach to design, with an obsession for details!  I started chasing this dream in 2014 and hope to follow the trail of sprinkles wherever God may lead me!