** Typically booked 8-12 weeks out!  **


Custom Sugar Cookies

{Pricing is determined by the detail and design of your specific cookie order }

Dozen / $36 {minimum}


Custom Macarons

Start at: Dozen / $15


Custom Cupcakes

Start at: Dozen / $18


    Custom Cake or Brownie Pops

Start at: Dozen / $24


Custom Cakes

{Pricing is determined by the detail and design of your specific cake order}

Typically around $3 per serving


Dessert Table Design and Setup

To give you the most customizable experience we have pricing for the design of our tables separate from the dessert. The price for a dessert table design starts at $150 plus the cost of dessert. Send us a message and we will be happy to plan a unique dessert table for your event. 


If interested in something I haven't listed, contact me! 


- Cake, Fillings, & Buttercreams -


Vanilla- classic light and sweet, with rich flavor

Lemon- Infused with a lemon glaze, moist and dense

Hazelnut- Sweet, rich and buttery

Chocolate- Moist, Fudgy, devils food cake

Espresso- Mild, rich and smooth coffee flavor

Pink Presecco- Pink, girly and sweet **NEW

Almond- Customer favorite, light with hints of cherry

Lavender- Buttery with hints of florals

Cookies & Cream- Vanilla cake with finely crushed Oreo cookies

Champagne- hints of vanilla, champagne and melon

Red Velvet- Deep red with hints of dark chocolate

Confetti- Vanilla cake with hints of butter and almond mixed with sprinkles


Lemon Curd- Tart and delicious

Nutella- Cocoa & hazelnut spread

Salted Carmel- Sticky, sweet, sprinkled with sea salt

Amaretto Peach- Sophisticated, sweet and nutty preserves **NEW

Cookies & Cream- Vanilla buttercream mixed with crushed Oreos

Chocolate Ganache- Milk or dark, rich and fudgey

Cookie Dough- chocolate chip cookie dough

Fruit Preserves- Strawberry, raspberry, pineapple. Passion fruit

Fruit Mousse- Strawberry, raspberry, pineapple. Passion fruit whipped mousse (Not recommended for large wedding cakes)

Cream Cheese- Classic and simple

Berry Mascarpone- Mixed berry layer with whipped mascarpone frosting ** NEW

Any Buttercream



Madagascar Vanilla Bean


Blackberry & Lavender **NEW





White Chocolate

Peanut Butter

Marshmallow **NEW

Honey **NEW